All campsites are provided with running water, a table, food locker, camp stove, fire pit with benches, lantern, and a complete set of cooking utensils. You are expected to leave the equipment in good condition and cleaned and properly put away for the next camper. Only use the pots, pans, and cooking utensils on the camp stove provided.  Using them over an open campfire will damage them.  The Camp Master will inspect all campsites prior to your departure and campers will be charged for lost or damaged equipment. As a courtesy to others, after 10:00p.m. is “quiet time”.


*Two Night Minimum

Campsites Rate/Overnight* Weekly*

SUMMIT (6 camper maximum) $140 $440

GLEN BLAIR (6 camper maximum) $140 $440

CLARE MILL (4 camper maximum) $110 $400

BURBECK (4 camper maximum) $110 $400

SHAKE CITY (6 camper maximum) $140 $440

IRMULCO (4 camper maximum) $110 $400

NORTHSPUR (6 camper maximum) $140 $440

ALPINE (4 camper maximum) $110 $400

Note-Weekly rentals are based on availability of staff.